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  • Debbie Irving

Trying times for everyone

The word unprecedented is used on a daily basis at the moment to describe what we are all going through due to the Coronavirus pandemic and it is an apt description. But mankind has been here before.

I don't mean war, that's a very different beast. But plagues have hit many times in the past and we have always come through the other side.

Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in exile due to the plague. Isaac Newton was sitting in his parent's apple orchard during a plague outbreak when that apple hit him on the head.

The Athenian Hippocrates, the father of medicine, made observations during one plague outbreak that saved thousands the next time it struck

The worst bubonic plague outbreak in Europe in the 1350's was a major catalyst in the start of the renaissance.

What I am trying to say is that out of something truly bad can come the shoots of new growth and something truly inspiring and positive.

Stay positive everyone. We will get there.

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