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Keep calm and carry on!

Coronavirus update to all Clients and suppliers

Good morning

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus situation and the inevitable effect it will have on business we would like to reassure all our clients and suppliers we have put in place as many contingency plans as possible.

However, if the UK Government does issue a lockdown we will have no option but to suspend production accordingly.

When UK/European stocks are affected and we start to experience shortages there will undoubtedly be an impact on lead times and costs, we are keeping in frequent contact with our main suppliers and have asked them to keep us appraised of their current and forecasted supply situations. We will pass any information we get to our customers immediately so they can build this information into their business decisions.

At this time of uncertainty, we are suggesting to our customers to look at longer projections for parts they know they will have demand for. We are open to Blanket orders that will allow us to secure materials now at current costs to hopefully mitigate disruption to supply chains we play a part in.

If you have any questions, we will do our level best to answer them, but this is a situation that changes on a daily basis and is completely out with our control.

We want to thank our clients and suppliers for their support at this time and we wish all of you continued good health in this crisis situation.

Kindest Regards

Debbie Irving Operations/HR Manager

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